DVD to DVD 4.0

Easy-to-use DVD copy utility to create exact copies of your DVD videos (See all)

DVD to DVD is a simple and attractive video tool capable of cloning any of your DVDs in just a few easy steps. Besides, it allows you to re-author your DVDs by selecting and ripping the video, audio, and subtitle streams of your choice. DVD to DVD works seamlessly not only with standard discs, but also with ISO files and with DVD folders already stored in your system.

This straightforward ripping tool offers enough flexibility to allow you to re-design your DVD movies completely and create your own “customized edition”. You can select which parts of the movie and which bonus content will be transferred to the new disc. When available, you can also choose the subtitle streams that will go with the movie, and even force one of them to appear by default. Finally, you can also customize which audio streams (languages) will be included in the new DVD.

You can select various navigation and presentation options during the re-authoring process. The program will offer you the possibility of adding a custom menu using one of the templates provided, and will let you apply some interesting playback settings. Thus, you can set the DVD to play back the movie continuously in a loop, or to skip the menu and play the main video stream right away, or to play all titles one after the other, etc.

Once the project is ready for encoding, you can select the size of the writable DVD you will use to store your project – DVD to DVD supports both DVD5 and double-layer DVD9 discs.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Attractive and well-structured interface
  • Fast ripping process
  • ISO file support
  • Supports double-layer DVDs


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